National Service Scheme is a public service organization sponsored by the Government of India. It is conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports. This organization is a government scheme for the college going students to learn about social service, keeping in mind the Sarvodaya philosophy of Gandhiji. The motto of the NSS is “Not Me, But You”. It recognizes the need to highlight humanity in selfless service and respect for others as is the way to live in a democratic country. Wheel the symbol of NSS, symbolizes that it is always dynamic, moving and growing. 8 bars in the wheel symbolizes each time, representing each phase of the 3 hours. The purpose of the scheme is environment protection, health awareness, hard work, progressive thinking, natural disaster and nature conservation, educational and cultural activities, Children and women awareness, conservation of Antiquities and creating national awareness through songs, patriotic song, national anthem and NSS song. The benefits involved are Discipline, Timing Sense, Living Together, Dignity of Labor, Effective Public Speaking, Stage Fear, Talent show, Personality Development, Self Confidence, Nationalism, Life style.

BRB College of Commerce has a NSS unit which actively participates in various social and other above mentioned activities on a regular basis. BRB College of Commerce has two units of NSS (consisting of 50 students per unit). NSS has a concept called “SHRAMADAAN”. Under this NSS units perform various social activities within and outside the college premises. Social activities includes cleanliness program representing “Swatch Bharath Abhiyaan”, various awareness program relating to Election, Health, Social Causes and many other and helps the students to be self dependent. BRB College of Commerce performs shramadaan every week on Friday, doing social activities like keeping the college campus clean, surrounding premises clean and many others. Currently, Dr Sham Gaikwad is the coordinator for NSS units of the college. NSS unit of the college participates in various college levels, district level social events and have perceived various certificates, awards and recognitions.

NSS unit of the college has conducted blood donation camps, voter awareness rallies and other awareness rallies for the betterment of the surrounding public. NSS unit has various objectives to perform and is in the process of becoming strong unit and to make the society strong and healthy.